Friday, November 14, 2014

Virtual Studio Visits- Krina Patel

We are happy to re-launch the FPAC Blog with a series of Virtual Studios Visits, which will feature images of FPAC artist's studios and their work, as well as a short interview. 

Fort Point Spring and Fall Open Studios, along with FPAC's other programming, allow thousands of people to physically view the work of our artists and to visit their working spaces, but we'd love to be able to share the story of our community and its artists with a wider population throughout the year. We see these Virtual Studio visits as a wonderful way to give the public a view into the vibrancy of Fort Point, and highlight what makes our community unique.

Our first Virtual Studio Visit features Krina Patel, who is part of the Midway Studios building. Krina has lived in Fort Point for over six years, and has been witness, like many others, to the rapid changes occurring in the neighborhood. Her practice is defined by a multitude of projects, many of which are participatory in nature. She is also an illustrator. Read on to learn more about her practice.

How long have you been in Fort Point? 
I moved to Fort Point in 2008. The neighborhood has changed quite dramatically over this short time period.

Whats your preferred medium?
Pen & Ink along with block and monoprinting

What is your favorite project you’re currently working on?

I am working on two favorite projects. The first is ‘Stir a Memory’ the community arts project that began right here in Fort Point in Midway Studios back in 2010. I invite food memories. People can write or draw their memories related to food on postcards. I had done ‘Stir a Memory’ events in various places – local festivals, on the Greenway, in a home for the elderly, community health centers, schools, etc.

The project had slowed down after 2012 but I had started recording my own food memories for an upcoming book. Recently, however, I got an email from a woman in the UK asking if she could extend the project there. That reminded me how much people had enjoyed sharing food memories. So, I have decided to revive it. During the 2014 Fall Open Studios I  gathered food memories again. I have also started posting food memories on the Stir a Memory blog again.

The second project is an exploration about friends and friendship through visual stories. The idea of friends and friendships seem simple. But when we look closer, we see that it is complex, especially in these times when we go around ‘friending’ almost 24x7. I have started posting my drawings and reflections on a new blog:

What drives you to create?
I don’t have a choice when it comes to making art. I just have to do it. Its almost as if my hands have a life of their own when they find a pen/pencil and paper. And I am fortunate to live in the Fort Point Arts Community, which I find to be inspiring and supportive.