Thursday, March 8, 2012

Positively Gaga

Artists are going gaga about the idea of kindness. Lady Gaga recently came to Cambridge to launch her ‘Born This Way’ Foundation.  The non-profit helps children who have been bullied and are in need of self-confidence.  It is getting a big lift from local businesses in Cambridge and around the nation.  This week the ‘Campaign for Good’ sets up headquarters at the gallery on 300 summer street.

Last year building on the ‘Stir a Memory’ project, ‘Remember Kindness’ was launched as a project around the simple idea that everyone is kind. The ‘Remember Kindness’ project encourages people to remember a kind act. In remembering we recognize. In recognizing we acknowledge. In acknowledging we come to a new understanding of everyday actions. And so it goes.

Conversations with people about the idea of kindness can be liberating and enlightening. When Fort Point neighborhood artist David Palmer’s son was asked, what is kindness?  His thoughtful response was “Kindness is listening.” Another response from the public was, “Kindness is beautiful.”

Image: Courtesy Nathan Evans, Fort Point Artist
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Please email Krina Patel if you would like to participate in the ‘Remember Kindness’ project or want to learn more.   The project includes programs for artists, art students as well as a separate program for K-12 schools.  Here is a young child's drawing of kindness done at a school workshop on kindness. The sweetness of a childs innocence and compassion are admirable. 

Child’s expression of kindness

Krina Patel is a Fort Point artist and educator who started the 'Stir a Memory' community art project in 2010.

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