Saturday, March 16, 2013

Studio View - Jennifer Lewis

FPAC takes a sneak - peek at artist Jennifer Lewis' studio space:

I'm Jennifer Lewis. I'm a illustrative painter residing in the Fort Point area of Boston. I work out of my studio at Midway Studios. My studio is a lovely space with great light, high ceilings and huge windows. When the weather is nice I open the windows and oil paint, any other day I work in acrylics.

I share my studio with my husband, and our two cats Missy and Snacks. My husband is an artist as well, he sews monkey heads and paints creepy critters. Sundays we usually spend together, first we have breakfast with coffee, then some sketching or painting and movies. Below are some images of a typical "lazy" Sunday in my studio.



Previously I used to work on the floor, now I have two designated workspaces, my computer desk for smaller paintings and sketches and the little beat-up wooden table in front of the t.v. for paper cutting and messier work. 

I collect a lot of things that offer me artistic inspiration. Here I have some small plastic figurines from my favorite artists, these are an affordable way for me to acquire art. I also collect books, comics and vintage labels. 

You can see more of my work at, the Made In Fort Point store or during the Fort Point open Studios.

Thanks for visiting my abode.

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