Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Call for Short Films and Animations

Hear ye’ Hear ye’, Glovebox announces the call for films for the 2012 Glovebox Short Film & Animation Festival that will be held on August 4th, 2012 at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square.  Artists of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to apply IF their film is under 25 minutes.  What’s that you say?  You have a music video?  YES we accept!   You’re a student?  GREAT - you’ll receive a discount entry fee AND you will be judged with the rest of the herd. Students, consider yourself “babied” no longer.  This is a juried festival by the elite of the elite who look down and judge you.... honestly.   I know, it’s hard for us to grasp too.  So in the name of getting something done this year, submit your hard work and reap the rewards!

Log onto:

Submissions end June 1, 2012
Entry Fee is $30 ($20 for students)

The Glovebox Film Festival is sponsored in part by Pretty Things Beer, Dig Boston, and the Somerville Theatre.  Looking to help support?  Contact for opportunities.

About the Glovebox Film Festival: The Glovebox Short Film and Animation Festival began in 2011 as a platform for film artists and animators to exhibit their work.  the festival received rave reviews from the community, prompting Glovebox to make it an annual event.  Attracting over 300 visitors and  including over 50 northeast artists from Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and New York, the one day event is an opportunity for all to learn about the artists in their community.  Inspired by the Sala Mont Juic festival in Barcelona Spain, the festival encourages the shared collection of films through minimal cost to the public.  To learn more about the festival, log onto

About Glovebox:  Glovebox is a non-profit organization that enables artists to exhibit their work in non-traditional spaces in the Boston area. Started by Fort Point resident, Jodie McMenamin and Brooklyn babe, Liz Comperchio.  We have two objectives: to increase awareness of artists and their work and to improve the accessibility of art. Glovebox achieves these goals by bringing together artists and the public to form a collaborative, educational community. Our methods range from the individual, such as helping artists to exhibit their work, to the collective, in which we have organized group exhibitions, film festivals and fund-raising auctions to raise money for fellow non-profits with humanitarian missions.

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