Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Your Neighborhood Shines! - Community Cleanup

An enjoyable way to meet your neighbors and get outside to do some gardening. The neighborhood cleanup is on Saturday, April 28th. There is a Friday planting for local businesses and those who can't make the Saturday cleanup.

This year we are doing an expanded vines planting-(lots of interesting blooming vines and flowers) with options for local companies to adopt tree circles and vines panels. Jennifer Amadeo Holl has done a great job working with Southie trees, who have donated $200. for much-needed mulch.  Charles Joesph and neighborhood angel Danielle Pillion have spent a lot of time helping to organize the event this year.

The party will be at Wormwood Park and set up is at 4:30. Food and refreshing beverages will be donated by local restaurants and shops as usual. We are meeting in Wormwood Park at 10 AM. Sagarino's has offered a free drink (coffee or a cold drink) and a muffin. Just mention you are doing Shines for your tasty treat!  Barington's is also providing coffee for those on the other side of the neighborhood.

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